Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learn how to pack your bag lightly

Trouble with packing your bag? Learn how to pack a light bag

Most people bring way too many things with them while traveling because they are still in a “living settled” mode. It is understandable because if they had been nomads for lots of their past, they wouldn´t. As a nomad, you need to think like a nomad:
  • Forget about carrying pots and pans if you are going to stay with locals, they will for sure have a means to cook food.
  • Forget about your hairdryer,
  • Forget bringing make-up and perfume, it will only be more of a hassle as you think it would be.
  • Forget about carrying a watch/alarm clock if you´ve got a mobile phone. After a while your inner clock will tell you the right time anyway.. it´s easy!

I know, saying all these things is easy if you are an experienced traveller. And you will take time to find out what you can get rid of along the way or not. Travelling is like life, you learn every day.

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